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Mon Dieu!

Well folks it’s that time of year, where summer beer festivals are abound from the Mason-Dixon line to our friendly neighbor to the North.

Not Just For the Beach Anymore: The (R)evolution of South Florida Craft Beer

Back in my Miami days, mojitos, martinis and margaritas dominated the drinking scene, from South Beach to the suburbs. In the early 2000s, beer was an afterthought for the South Florida beverage manager, who made sure his or her bar was stocked with top shelf vodka, tequila and plenty of cachaça, limes and fresh mint.

Definition of a beer girl…

As I was thinking of a topic for today’s blog, the thought came to me: “what exactly is a Beer Girl??” She could really be any number of things to different people.

Cheers on the Cheap

Spring is in the air – the flowers are sprouting, people are enjoying bike rides and walks in the park or around their neighborhoods. While some people are able to take that spring break trip to Cancun or Fort Meyers, others are on a tight budget.

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