Definition of a beer girl…

As I was thinking of a topic for today’s blog, the thought came to me: “what exactly is a Beer Girl??” She could really be any number of things to different people. She could be the German looking blonde girl with the braided pigtails holding a stein in one hand, and pushing up her bra with the other. She could be that fat girl at the frat keg parties who could drink all the guys under the table and do marathon keg stands. She might also be the beer afficionado who likens herself to the wine world’s sommelier. Or, she could be the girl who is wearing a cute outfit with a beer logo, handing out keychains and t-shirts at a bar or nightclub to those patrons who will buy a particular beer of choice.

So you see, there is no one true definition of a beer girl, but I will try my best to explain why I gave myself this moniker. While I never dressed up as a St. Pauli type girl for Halloween, nor was I ever fat, I did many a keg stand as a collegiate hobby of mine. Didn’t matter the beer — for all I know it could have been the near beer that our colleges’ new president was rumored to have served for the above 21 undergraduate crowd. But I digress.

Besides loving beer, how could I give myself the name of “Beer Girl?” Google it, and you’ll find tons of sexy pictures of girls drinking beer, or the intelligent woman’s blog that sounds like mine but spells it in a snooty way (Bier Girl). In any case, I used to be a real beer girl, or as the promoting world calls it, a promotional model. Living in South Florida, I took a part-time gig with girls 10 years or so my junior, to put on the tight and sexy clothing that the promoters made us wear, and then went out to the hot spots of the time in South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.(Click here for photos.) It was easy money, and it was fun to dress up, talk to people, hand out freebies and get to hang out in the clubs that had people on the other side hoping that they were on the guest list.

As a promo model, I also worked for cigarette (yuck) and liquour companies. I went wherever, and promoted for Kool, Bacardi, Warsteiner, Beck’s, Presidente, Sam Adams, Corona, etc. I only worked for cigarette companies a few times, and there’s not much interesting to write about. If there were, I might have named this blog “Tobacco Girl.” The only thing that sticks out in my mind is at a nightclub in Hollywood, I was working for Kool, and this girl walks up to me and says, “You’re selling CANCER!!” Not Kool.

In any case, it was during my beer promo days that I learned a lot about the beers I was promoting — I had to memorize Cliff Claven-like factoids to make the product more appealing to consumers. If that didn’t work, then we promo models would entice the inebriated with whistles, beads, keychains and the like. It worked! We were never allowed to chew gum or drink while on duty, but once our shifts were over, like hard working construction men, we would pull up a chair and drink a few cold ones with the distributors. Aaahhh. I’m getting thirsty.

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