Mon Dieu!

Well folks it’s that time of year, where summer beer festivals are abound from the Mason-Dixon line to our friendly neighbor to the North.  That’s where I’m headed — Montreal, a beer lover’s dream if you are close enough to open your eyes and live it like I am planning to do.  This will be my second year attending; the first year was with zero expectation and random tastings.  Just how it should be.  I found out about the Mondial de la Biere from reading this fantastic list written by All About Beer magazine about the 125 places to visit before you die, a (beer) bucket list of sorts.  How I will approach it this time around remains to be seen.  Armed with voice recorder, camera, pretzels and a thirsty palate, I hope to have plenty to report.  In the meantime, if you ever plan to visit the Mondial or Montreal itself any other time, the folks over at All About Beer wrote this nifty piece on its beer scene.

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  1. A, la belle Montreal. Comment j’y voudrais aller maintenant, d’autant plus qu’arrive l’eté. Je voudrais boire beacoup de biere et vin avec mes amies dans les cafés et d’acheter des choses tres belle et Canadiens. Peut être un de ces jours, ou ans . . . .

  2. and? i’m always looking forward to hearing about your adventures in beer-hunting 🙂

  3. I have many stories coming up!!

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