Beer. Donuts. Mmmmm (Part One)…

Read it to believe itIt’s no secret that I’m a beer enthusiast. I recently felt like a kid in a candy store when I was in South Beach and took some friends to the Abbey Brewing Company. According to its website, it’s Miami Beach’s oldest and only brewpub. Not a typical “South Beach” bar, it’s tucked away on a street most tourists would only stumble upon. I reminisced and salivated as I viewed the selection that I knew so well. Not knowing what to order, my friends asked for some advice. Happy to recommend, I could feel my speech speed up, my eyes getting bigger as I talked about the varieties of beer, and my heart race as if I was in love. I had to stop, slow down, take a breath, and order like a lady.

As much as I love all aspects of beer, I was stopped dead in my tracks two years ago when my physician told me I was at risk of getting diabetes since it runs rampant in my family. I was ordered to get on the South Beach Diet (how appropriate!) and to lose 20 pounds. This was a shock to me, as I have always been bony as a girl, skinny as a teen, and slender as a young adult. This was an alarm I couldn’t ignore, so I read the book (written in 2004) cover to cover and vowed to execute this diet to the tee.

No white rice, pasta or potatoes? Easy. NO BEER?? Come on now! Was the universe punishing me, someone who loves and writes about it? In the book, it stated that beer is a big no-no because it contains maltose, a sugar with a high glycemic index. I knew that I had to give up most carbs and sugar, but beer? That’s like telling Mario Batali to stop eating pasta or Paula Deen to stop eating biscuits with gravy. Blasphemy!

Deep fried chocolatey heavenGiving up sweets was no pleasure cruise either. I adore all kinds of sweets from the Pixie Stix of my childhood to cheesecake. One of my childhood favorites I have never outgrown is the headlight (see above). It’s a regional Upstate New York donut, and a wonder to devour. Perfectly round fried dough of perfection sans hole, covered in chocolate frosting and topped with a dollop of white frosting. I’m practically drooling like a dog eagerly awaiting that biscuit as I write this. While I was never one to ever consider the caloric or sugar contents of anything, I knew I now had to pay very close attention to what I ate and imbibed.

To get to the nitty gritty, you’ll have to wait for Part Two, coming soon!

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