The Truth Hurts

Putting on a large event is a monumental task, one that most of us don’t really take the time to think about as we enter the venue and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.  At the NY Brewfest (“NYB”), however, the patrons did notice, and were quite vocal about their dissatisfaction.  I had the […]

Will Work for Beer

Summertime in New York — there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else (June 19th was technically Spring, but you catch my drift).  Upon learning of wrist band duty at the front gate of the NY Brewfest, I was dejected.  However, it was too nice of a day to be a sourpuss.  So I went to […]

Winter’s Brew…

All autumn long I’ve been bracing myself for yet another cold winter in the land where Canadian and American coins mingle without any distinction, where ice is oh so nice when it’s in your glass but not spread across your driveway. Expecting a long, cold dreary season, I thought it best to retreat, to take […]